10 Greatest Retro Games

This refers to the gaming period of the last three decades, which is the arcade era that used the 8-bit and 16-bit series and titles that has made us to become great fans and lovers of retro games. Retro games are considered old school and classic games that are outdated and obsolete. Nowadays, there are many interactive and collaborative gaming experiences according to age and taste.

There are ten retro greatest games you should know such as Street fighter II turbo, Streets of rage 2, The legend of Zelda: A link to the past, Donkey Kong, Pong, Ms Pac man, Chuckie egg, Duck hunt, Super Mario Bros 3, Outrun.

  1. Street fighter II Turbo

This is one of the greatest retro games coaching you how to engage in dragon punch motion and beating the bigger boy by using Blanka’s electric attack. The Super Nintendo entertainment system uses smoky arcades filled with old cupboards damaged by cigarette burns in this game. You will lose your life bars in seconds if you unlock Akuma.

Street fighter II Turbo

  1. Streets of rage 2

A game that is particularly interesting and memorable because of the legacy scores by Yuzo Koshiro, which has given it an edge over other games like Capcom’s ‘Final flight’. It uses two players and pads; however, you must engage two players at a time. Sega developed this game and it is a rival to the games developed by Capcom.

Streets of rage 2

  1. The legend of Zelda: A link to the past

It is really, pleasant to explore the mysteries and wonders attached to this game. You will be able to understand how the worlds of light and darkness merge; and you will have enough time to explore these mysteries without being afraid unlike in ‘Super Metroid’, where you are made to fear the unknown.

The legend of Zelda: A link to the past

  1. Donkey Kong

In 1981, this game exploited and exposed the creativity of a plumber, Nintendo. However, a designer named Jumpman was asked by President Hiroshi Yamauchi to design another game. He was able to design enough quarters and Kong’s sequels to keep Nintendo alive.

Donkey Kong

  1. Pong

This game is very relevant to the industry as it brought table tennis into its mainstream with one ball, two bats, and two dials.


  1. Ms Pac Man

This game is made for the most successful US produced coin-op. and it uses a system of maps and coins. It is very puzzling, difficult and hard to understand or play.

Ms Pac Man

  1. Chuckie Egg

This homemade game is very satisfying and pleasurable. It makes use of pixel perfect leaps and played at a faster pace than any other game.

Chuckie Egg

  1. Duck Hunt

You would not be able to blast the zombies or mutants as the game is a pioneer of the present day first person shooter. However, you will be able to reduce the ducks’ population with the light gun you are using to shoot them.

Duck Hunt

  1. Super Mario Bros. 3

Nintendo reinvented this game from the platform game to become one of the best side-scrollers of all time. It has a twin companion called Super Mario World (SMW) and it is difficult to distinguish them.

Super Mario Bros. 3

  1. Outrun

In this game, you are going to experience the beauty of American roads. You will see a top quality car, blue sky, the horizon attached to a smooth road, and a beautiful girl to compliment the journey.