Few Facts About Classic Retro Games

Classic Retro GamesYou are going to learn some great facts about classic retro games you never knew before now.  Some of these facts are based on the history of gaming that will make you feel nostalgic and remember your childhood days. They may be funny, amazing, and scary; and will help you to understand the processes and degrees of modernization our games have undergone.

  • The great mushrooms in Mario are based on a fungus called Amanita Muscaria. It displayed an effect as to be growing in size whenever you look at it. This effect was also mentioned in ‘Alice in wonderland’.
  • There is a fungus that grows on the back of the Pokémon Paras when it is evolving into Parasect. It takes over its body and does all the reasoning and logic making the Pokémon to appear lifeless and zombified as revealed by the lack of pupils in its eyes.
  • The Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, titled “Kindergarten Cop” is the thought and idea behind the Silent Hill 1 School.
  • In the game of the Super Mario Bros, the Koopas first invaded the mushroom kingdom and changed its people into blocks.
  • The original name of the Russian fighter Soda Popinski was Vodka Drukenski in the NES game ‘Punch out’. However, his name was changed to avoid disagreement and confusion.
  • In the final level of Diablo 1, when the demonic boss ‘Diablo’ was released, he made a comment in a weird manner in the English language, which if you play it backwards, it stated “Eat your vegetables and brush after every meal”

Nintendo lost the license to the game “Donkey Kong” which was formerly made to be a Popeye arcade game. Popeye was also known as Mario; Olive Oyl was also called Pauline, while Bluto is known as DK. However, Miyamoto put his name in all the spaces, as he did not want to lose the project.

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